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Apocalypse World! So, so fun.

I turn to Shannon and start the game: "You wake up with Bondo's knife to your throat. 'Give me the key, bitch, or you die now.' What do you do?" That's what the game tells me to do. Make as hard a move as the fiction allows so that 1) I can set up a future harder move and 2) I prompt action from the PC.

Shannon's skinner fucks that guy up real good (of course, and fuck him, I'm looking through crosshairs).

But now we know that Roark's men can get to her in her freakin' bedroom, whenever they want. Shannon gets distracted with other stuff and does nothing about this fact. No new security or bodyguards or nothing.

So now: The rules say when my plans come together without interference, make as hard a move as I want. So later (at my leisure, when it's right) my move is 'Capture Someone.'

It's so very fun and easy. I loooooove the GM rules for this game.


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    It's Saturday, it's Montsegur 1244.

    Bertrand stands accused of breaking his vow of consolamentum with Arsene some years back. Arsene demands a trial by fire. Pierre Roger decrees both must take the white hot poker, and for the people to look for signs of god's miracle. Pierre has long cast off his belief, but knows that the people's resolve depends on their faith and the perfects of the faith. And he has a second cold poker concealed within his cloak. The people will see what he needs them to see, and they will stay together.

    But Bertrand's faith is strong, too strong, and catches Pierre unawares. The perfect jumps his turn and grasps for the hot poker, searing his flesh.

    He is cast from Montsegur and the community crumbles a little further.
  • Ten hours of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3rd edition. We rolled up characters and wandered through the introductory adventure. One of our players had never played anything but Story Games and another had never played RPGs at all. The rest were versed primarily in trad gaming and me, nerd of the hour, had significant experience across the board.

    I loved it. They all loved it, too. It's a lot of fun to have a play space to call your own - cards, sheets, a miniature, slotted abilities. They played a bunch of brash loudmouths whose Party Tension rose and fell like crazy as the game went on.

    Some comments ranged from "It was really confusing at first but by the time we were done I felt like I understood the rules really well. The cards made it considerably easier to remember everything I could do." to "I like this game. I don't feel as pressured to be 'creative' all the time."

    Rousing good fun, though it felt more like a night playing board games than an intense roleplaying experience. We're going to give it another shot next week.
  • So I'm running Blowback. Eppy, Vincent and Ben are playing grumpy old men; Eppy and Vincent's characters are ex CIA, but Ben's was a secret agent from China who worked missions with them before everything went horribly wrong. Emily was playing the young upstart, brand-new to the team on the mission that went to shit, so everything was clearly his fault.

    There's a car chase across rural New York: Ben's character is going nuts because his daughter-in-law kidnapped his grandson. His grandson is everything to Ben's character; he's been teaching the kid how to fight and shoot a gun since he was barely able to walk, and his own son won't speak to him, so his daughter-in-law was his only connection to the kid.

    Mission starts. During Mission, the players work out their elaborate plan of action, and I work out the plans of all of the NPCs. We do this at the same time; not everything is contested because neither side knows everything. They get to the farmhouse where Ben's daughter-in-law is picking up new papers for her and her son. Ben's character works like a machine, liquid awesome, tries to tackle his daughter-in-law. Fails. Didn't put enough prep dice in neutralizing her. Out of desperation, he tosses his gun to his grandson.

    His grandson points the gun at him. "Stay away from my mom." I reveal: the kid put three dice in "Protect my mom."

    Eppy, Ben, and Vincent also had a great torture scene at a HoJo. It was so gross and great.
  • WFRP 3e. So we have a Dwarf, High Elf, and Two Human Sigmar Zealots and they all should be on Jerry Springer.

    The Dwarf and two Humans are Chaos scalp hunters and the Elf meets up with them with a list of known cultists operating in a not too distant town. He also had a written introduction from a noble who used to serve the noble the three work for.

    Several hours later the group had poisoned the head Chaos Cultist in the middle of a grand feast before the town. The Cultist also happened to be a former friend of The Dwarf who fought with him in the Northern Campaigns in Kislev. It was beautiful, they exposed the entire town, the Human Zealot burned it to the ground (His first belief was "I will burn Rottfurt to the ground for its blasphemy"), they discovered the town was refining warpstone from its old mines which were on their last leg and planned to ship the load up river, poisoning the river Reik near Altdorf. Oh, they also discovered a note from a low ranked Priest of Sigmar implicating him in the Cult's plot and also referring to a Child who the group just so happened to discover may be Sigmar Reborn (they furiously re-wrote Beliefs, especially the humans).

  • Agony -> I'm guessing you added the "Beliefs" to the game or I've missed something very important about WHFRP 3e
  • It's Saturday, it's Montsegur 1244.

    Pierre-Roger and Bernard are on a sortie in the fog. They get lost and come across the tent of a noble crusader whom they take prisoner, pushing and dragging him up the cliff. In so doing, some rocks are dislodged and one strikes Bernard a cruel blow, knocking him out. Pierre-Roger has to decide between bringing his friend back for consolamentum or the prisoner for questioning. The noble looks on aghast as Pierre-Roger heaves his friend over the edge.
  • Man, you guys are playing Montsegur 1244 so very right.
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    Played some 3:16 (well, the rules as I understand them from reading APs) and ended up having all dialogue in english because it's hard to do snappy oneliners about killing stuff in swedish without it sounding awkward. Third mission, the squad is moving through an asteroid field made from a planet blown up by 15th brigade. Some renegade troopers have hijacked the cold sleep module with all the reserves and hidden it in the asteroid field. The leuitenant is frustrated that he hasn't leveled anything and tells the corporal with the most kills to stay back and watch their rear while the others scout ahead but he refuses. The leuitenant has at several points threatened to frag the corporal for hurting the squad with bad grenade usage and now they start fighting, the corporal uses a strength to win and frag the leuitenant to gain control of the squad but he uses a weakness to escape and calls in orbital bombardment. Killing all the reserves (800+ kills!). Then he manufactures a lie about the renegades unfreezing and brainwashing the reserves so he got out of it without any shit except everyone hating him.

    Also when the squad was competing against another squad for most kills the two squad leaders bump in to each other before a mission:
    "I feel like shooting you right here, right now, but I wouldn't want a head start."
  • Posted By: skinnyghostAgony -> I'm guessing you added the "Beliefs" to the game or I've missed something very important about WHFRP 3e
    Yes, we added them. Driving the story forward with one of your Beliefs gains a fortune point to the group pool.
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    So today in our GENIUS:THE TRANSGRESSION game, our party of virtuous mad scientists accidentally got teleported into the secret lair of Meggido, the insane computer mastermind who has busily been trying to kill every working genius in Seattle.

    We were engaged in a vigorous but deperate firefight with the mad AI's henchmen when Aram saved the day by using his transmogrification gun to turn the ceiling above us into pure butter. Meggido crashed down a whole storey, badly bruising his internal circuitry, monologued brieftly about how we had only temporarily foiled his plot, then teleported to the safety of a nearby rocket which promptly shot into orbit.

    Our only casuualty was Cadhle, who was subjected to Meggido's mind control ray and became temporarily persuaded that she needed to kill the rest of the party. But somehow or other, the butter solved that problem too. So, yay butter!
  • Posted By: lordgoon trying to kill every working genius in Seattle.
    Even Tony Dowler?!


    I'm so glad for the butter.
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    In Pond Creek, our PTA western:

    Harkins, the Cherokee ranch boss of the Rocking K, is locked up in a tin shed pending "trial", accused of murdering a professional perjurer who was, in fact, killed by somebody else (another Protagonist, actually.) The judge (a third PC) stumbles down and offers to let him go - he's arranged a clean escape for Harkins back to the Strip and "his people", it'd be better for everybody, the Anti-Horse Thief Association wants Harkins dead. They hate Indians, they hate him, they want blood and the Judge will give it to them if it comes to that. Jurisprudence must necessarily bend to popular will.

    Harkins believes in the white man's justice. He thanks the judge but says he'd prefer to have his day in court, confident that once all the facts are out, he'll be acquitted. The judge shakes his head and walks away.

    Next week is the spotlight episode of the actual killer - he'll either watch an innocent man die or step up and take his place.
  • In Time & Temp our two PCs are looking for imposters in Shakespeare's Twelth Night.

    They are talking to his troop during rehersals. And that's when the trouble started. In trying to unmask the time traveller, our characters accidentally suggest that Will could pay off his creditors by mentioning the wares of certain merchants in his plays, "Out damn spot! out, I say! One; two: had I but of Walsingham's Patent Spot Remover. Fie!"
  • Played GHOST/ECHO for the first time and had a surprisingly solid game considering that neither my wife and I had any idea what we were going to do with it going in.

    Just trying to escape the Undercross turned into a real trial with wraith-beasts hot on our heels and more ahead. As the tide came in (bringing more ghosties with it), we were whisked off to a hideaway on the edge of the ghostlands. Later the action took us to the Night Carnival, where the living and the dead mingle for business and pleasure. Or both?

    It was a fairly short session as far as these things go, but gave us a taste of collaborative world-creation and made for a few good scenes. We plan to continue on. For more detail, I did an extensive write-up on my blog which I'll probably repost on SG in the next day or two.
  • [Time and.. 1]

    Oh, wow! Talk about changing things for the odd...

    "Set it down that a man may smile and smile and be a villain - but his breath be not villainous if he avail himself of the cleanness of Jurgen's Healing Minte Gume of Chewing!"
  • We got back to our Spirit of the Century game last night after a lengthy pause (due to holidays and another game). I couldn't remember much of what had happened in the prior session, although I had these cryptic notes I had scribbled for myself on the back of my character sheet:

    mansion - opulent, gigantic
    Dr Primus - scientist, dame, gorilla
    Sylvester Adamski - rich guy
    Dr Unterhosen - communist, German
    Mimi Jones - dame reporter
    O Tannenbaum
    shit tureen
    The Flamer - super dude, rutabaga car
    The Justice Squad
    Lady Oswald's missing brooch
    Climatron - flux, sylvestrum, fire quartz
  • Ended our Skype Lady Blackbird game last night.

    Three of my favorite moments:

    1. Captain Vance (PC) wakes up in an opulent suite in a hotel in Nightport lying beside Lady Blackbird (NPC). Surpise! The player had no idea this bang was coming. Neither of them recall with great detail how they ended up together and before they can sort out how they feel about the situation, they're interrupted by the sounds of explosions outside as the Hand of Sorrow begins bombing all of Nightport to flush out Lady Blackbird!

    Next scene with Captain Vance is a flashback to the night before's party in the hotel restaurant with Lady Blackbird and her bodyguard Naomi (PC), where Lady Blackbird explains why she is seeking out the Pirate King (it wasn't for love, it's because she knew she'd be disowned and hunted and Flint would protect her long enough for her to recoup her losses and move to take over her house again) and she and Captain Vance drunkenly flirt with each other, seamlessly setting up the intro scene.

    A couple scenes later in The Owl, Arkam awakens from a drunken binge (he was beaten up by Naomi a couple nights previously) with some pressure on his chest. When he opens his eyes, the escaped-slave-barbaric elf girl Briarea (NPC that Naomi had taken under her wing) is crouched on his chest, peering into his eyes while he slept. When Arkam asks her to get off his chest, she refuses until he explains how it seems Arkam knows her. After some tete a tete, she finally realizes that Arkam is the one who sold her into slavery (this was all engineered by Daniel Perez during the scene without me realizing it so when Briarea came to the realization, it was because I did! How keen)
  • Made characters for a 100 years later return to the 13 Cities and were so pumped after a few hours of play that we are getting together to game again today.

    Life without classes is really nice.
  • Last night I ran a game called "League of TV Action Heroes" using Awesome Adventures, which was our first time trying out FATE. The PCs were The Fall Guy, Robocop, Sledge Hammer, and Xander Harris (from Buffy). Mr. T sent them on a mission to bust drug runners, who turned out to be led by Danny Tanner (Full House). The players took the Guest Star stuff as an excuse to make their characters completely bizarre (though Xander's Egyptian adventure, Robocop had "Strength of Ra" as an Aspect, for example), which gave it kind of a Maid RPG feel in terms of sheer randomness.

    Not sure I handled it as well as I could have, since the adventure was a set of fight scenes, and the PCs never took many consequences. I don't know if it's good or bad that rolls made without invoking an aspect were by far the exception to the rule.
  • A few weeks ago we played Tramp Stamp. The highlights of the session were:

    -Having someone with actual artistic talent draw tattoos (like the chupacabra having his way with a goat)

    -An amazing string of And Then rolls that ended up with someone taking a shit in the middle of a Mexican restaurant.

    It was also the first game where no one Got A Real Job, so the miserable epilogues involved every one ending up dead.
  • John Harkins, the Cherokee ranch boss and true believer in American justice, is on "trial" for a murder he didn't commit. His defense counsel is the smartest guy in town, a Chicago-bred doctor named Valentine. Dr. Valentine opens his arguments by casting doubt on the evidence, and suggesting that the guy who actually owned the murder weapon might be a reasonable suspect.

    "No," Harkins interrupts, "Mr. Ten-Eyck is a very nice man and he's always been good to me. He couldn't be the murderer."
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    So it's Time & Temp, Germaine Greer, having fallen through a time gap in the rolling stacks of Warwick University in 1971 (aged 31), has a position as mistress of music in the Palace of Westminster and is Will Shakespeare's Dark Lady. She is in the minstrels' gallery, teaching them Hey Jude. The Temps turn up and by the dint of singing very loudly, get the song changed to Hey Nonny. Germaine is a bit miffed, even more so that one temp tries to persuade her that prostitution is the best job for a woman, whilst she is being enraged, another two discuss in earshot of Will how strong women really respond to the Rosalind "Taming of the Shrew" treatment.

    When Will tries this, Germaine is so enraged that she punches him out of a window under which the Temps had placed a net (having used a synchronicity token to travel back and do so). They bundle Germaine into a sack and out of another window into a waiting boat on the Thames. The boatman has had been bribed with the promise of sex with Miriam, the teenage daughter of the Bishop of Winchester who fell for one of the PCs when he recited Sonnet 18 at a poetry slam with Shakespeare.
  • Last night my gaming group did our annual tradition of going out to dinner (Turkish food as Bosphoros in Cary, delicious!) while discussing the year, and talking about what we wanted to play and run in the coming year. It's gonna be an interesting year, with lots of new games, one-shots and mini-campaigns, with a few longer campaigns as well!

  • Our Mutants & Masterminds game fell through at the last minute, so we played Zombie Cinema instead. The game ended on the roof of the apartment building at 20th & Belmont. Gregory just barely escaped onto a rescue helicopter, while Ebi clung desperately to the ladder hanging from the chopper... and a flesh-eating monster clung desperately to Ebi's leg. As he felt teeth sinking into his flesh, Ebi pulled the pistol from his belt, shot himself in the head, and tumbled down into the ravenous horde in Colonel Summers Park.
  • Posted By: Jason Morningstar"No," Harkins interrupts, "Mr. Ten-Eyck is a very nice man and he's always been good to me. He couldn't be the murderer."
    That's excellent.
  • We continued our ongoing Spirit of the Century game last night. The fictional elements were all what you might expect: car chase, plane chase, ninjas, cross-dressing, etc.

    In our last game, everyone had ten (10) Fate points, and since it's such a big group (seven people), no one came close to running out of chips. So no need to play your aspects against yourself to earn more.

    This game, everyone had only three (3), which definitely changed the action for the better.
  • Posted By: GB Stevelooking for imposters in Shakespeare's Twelth Night
    Wow, that's a joke in itself!

    All that Time and Temp stuff is made of WIN.
  • Posted By: Jason MorningstarMan, you guys are playing Montsegur 1244 so very right.
    I second that.
  • More WFRP3e, same campaign.

    So the group is following the trail of a the Crusade of the child Karl of Marienburg, pronounced heir of Sigmar which is headed towards Altdorf. They stop at an abandoned fortified inn within the forest, clearly ransacked by the Crusade and left in complete disarray with no one in sight. They bar up the large doors and spend the night there awaiting for the storm to break.

    During the night, Friedrich (a Sigmar Zealot PC) is accosted by a woman who appeared within the walls from practically nowhere. She begs for him to open the gate so that her companions can get in. Some commotion ensues as the PC's try to find out what is going on and a small crowd of cloaked travellers can be seen banging upon the large wooden doors. That is when a Beastmen horde from the surroudning forest descends on the fortified inn.

    Despite the wailing cries of a baby, the screaming of several women, and two weak men pleading for their lives, they watch the entire lot of them get slaughtered by the hounds of Chaos. Why? Because they discovered the woman was a mutant, in which Friedrich immediately pinned her to the wall and took her head.
  • Swashbuckling politics and blood game. Olivia, a professional duelist turned politician, gets an audience with the Pope in order to convince him to back her play to become the heir to the French throne. Instead she accidentally confesses to him that she killed one of his best friends.

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    We played Geiger-Counter on the old Castlevania map. The Castle itself was the Menace and Dracula awakened at 8dices.

    Our characters:
    - The reincarnation of Simon Belmont (haunted by strange dreams).
    - A vengeful gitani (blade) dancer.
    - A deranged artist (à la Pickman).
    - The son of the merchant stuck in the castle who sell stuff in the later Castlevania games (my character).

    I was push down the stairs by a invisible force and trapped in the clockwork tower. Then I was reunited with my lost father, stole his cursed medaillon from his merchant stall and later I died by petrification after being overrun by those accursed flying medusa heads in a room full of mirrors!

    In the end, the other characters were able to trap Dracula in a magical painting (worth 3d bonus) at the sacrifice of the deranged artist and Belmont life.
  • Soft Horizon playtest yields a plane with the opposing elements: Gravity and Mischief. My own character, Brass, is a myth hunter, but learned to sing while stranded in a pygmy-infested Yggdrasil knock-off.
  • I ran Fiasco at the EndGame minicon this past weekend with a total of five players, and it was a blast!

    A police informant got beaten up with a stuffed armadillo and thrown in the trunk of a huge convertible, only to be stuck in there while Lee Harvey Oswald had a threesome on the way to the Texas Book Depository. Which shortly caught on fire.

    A dirty Dallas cop and a hick sheriff tried to sell two kilos of pure heroin to some machinegun-toting Mexicans just over the grassy knoll from where JFK was getting wacked.

    To say it ended up badly would be an understatement.
  • Last Train Out of Warsaw: Ukrainian partisans get 20% of the gold, although they don't know it; the Red army gets 80%. All the PCs except The Pretty Girl either murder each other or are executed by the Russians. The Pretty Girl gets to Romania.

    Zombie Cinema: In the 14th century, a group of pilgrims returns from the Holy Land with barrels of a Saracen medical oddity - the ground up bodies of Egyptian mummies for making "The Theban tincture". It does not go well.

    In The Belly of the Whale: A lady assassin, a mad scientist, a love-struck Inquisitor, and some Portuguese guy named Fernando sit in a whale's stomach and hate each other. THIS IS AN AWESOME GAME.
  • Played a first game of Ganakagok, and had a blast.

    Lots of fighting over a woman in the village - pretty much a Helen of Troy figure. The People and World ended well, most of the characters didn't.

    I think one player summed it up best: "We weren't the prophets of change, we were the lightning rods."
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    Post-Ragnarök rollergirl valkyries on hovercycles, using Mouse Guard. As John said this week: "I don't know why this anime hasn't been made. It writes itself."

    The squadron recently met Brunhilde, the original bad girl with unresolved daddy issues about Odin, and they first encountered her while she was in the middle of having loud sex with her boyfriend, a fire demon gangster boss they'd previously tangled with. Using her help, they head out onto the branches of the World Tree to see why giant leaves are beginning to fall all throughout Midgard.

    While most of the squadron goes to investigate the rot spreading out from Midgard to the rest of the tree, Brunhilde and Kara (the most reckless valkyrie left since John's character went through a conversion) sit talking about their ultimate goal: killing Odin, who apparently didn't have the balls to die during Ragnarök so the world could be reborn, so everything is stuck and getting worse all the time. Brunhilde convinces Kara that they should head back to Midgard without the rest of the squadron and kill Odin, since they're unsure how the rest of the valkyries will feel about it.

    Brunhilde tries to leap back into Midgard, the fruit hanging from this rotten branch of the tree... and rolls 1 success, totally failing. As she falls, she grabs onto the bottom of the world, dangling briefly, and decides -- fuck this -- if she's going to fall off the World Tree into hell (which lies amidst the roots), she's taking Midgard with her, and begins trying to yank the rotten fruit off the branch. So Kara shoots Brunhilde in the head with an arrow and watches her body fall down into the fires far, far below, in effect saving the world.
  • Time & Temp again, this time revolutionary France - our temps are their to prevent the theft of Robespierre's head

    They go to the Palais de Justice and learn from the guards that the executioner Jean Marie Arouet (well, I had to think of a name, his real one was Henri Sanson) lives in a street just behind. He was having a bit of a party with friends. One temp manages to chat up the maid and whilst he's having a dalliance with her, the others crash the party with some wine and spirits they've bought with their francs. A conga is organised with Arouet at the back. He is promptly banged on the head and stuffed in a sack only to be tied up and put into bed with the now comatose from drinking maid.
  • Inspectres: The team is investigating cows disappearing down a giant hole on a turnip farm. The only paranormal levels we're picking up are unheard-of amounts of turnips. When one of us goes down the hole, everyone else leaves to get a beer. When they come back, they find their teammate being attacked by the Turnip People, wait, Ghost Turnip Savages!
    One of my favorite confessionals ever set up the end of the game: "He wants me to exorcise a horde of ghost turnips..."
  • Skype game group tried to do a PTA pitch session last night. 90 minutes later and we hadn't even agreed on a setting. Skype and pitch sessions just don't mix. After this epic fail (my 4th painful Skype pitch session), I give up. PTA pitch sessions over Skype are beyond my ability.
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    Burning Wheel, Colonial Boston. In the last session, before the Holidays, Samuel Maverick and Ezekial had decided to leave Boston to starve and set up their own community around the old Maverick house on Noddle Island (about where Logan Airport is today). We had a new NPC, the long lost blind Maverick sister who grew up as an orphan on the streets of New York, Joanna Abraham.

    We had had some table talk about how Noddle Island probably had ghosts and weird stuff going on. That pretty much provided the meat for the session.

    Joanna gets dragged to Noddle Island to check in on the street urchins Zeke and Sam brought with them. The boat they came in leaves early after Sam grabs his gun and tells the person leading this little trip to the island (Sam's brother, Anthony) to get off his land. This leaves Sam, Zeke, the urchins, Joanna and her companion on the island as a storm rolls in.

    I then spent the next couple of hours finding out just how fun and easy it is to run light horror with a blind PC. Sam and Zeke ran off into the woods to investigate some odd happenings leaving two young women alone with a bunch of kids in a storm. As a GM, sometimes you have to work for it, and sometimes the PCs just give it to you.

    It also says something about the game that every time I think I can write up the whole session in a paragraph, it turns into a short essay.
  • In A Wicked Age:

    Cultists have a hungry devil to appease, one PC and NPC fight as to who will be sacrificed, and I win.

    Me: "How about the demon kills and eats you"
    Him: "Sure!"

    (He spent the rest of the chapter as a ghost)
  • Two playtests of Xenoraptor.

    *In the first, aliens were scarce and what few of them poked their heads from the shadows got turned into minced meat. Kinda boring.
    *In the second, the guy with the machine gun was showering the entire left side of the ship with hot lead, with xenomorphs jumping from shadow to shadow, just out of range of his bullets, while the medic ran nervously in the opposite direction, looking for the Command Center, praying he would not get ambushed alone.

    Both games revealed some jarring flaws which make the current version irrelevant.
  • Playtest of FigureFour's new creation, The Ninja Game:

    Hyakkimaru of the Twenty-Five Faces infiltrated the inner wall with a cask of sake and distracted the guards to allow fellow ninja Mika access to her archery sniping nest. He also had occasion to use his ninja death touch on the captain of the guard.

    After Mika killed Lord Fujiwara with a pair of well-placed arrows things went a little sideways. Hyakkimaru tried his best to convince the guards he was innocent, but when that didn't work out he tried a more physical tack, was speared through the chest and killed. Meanwhile Mika, despite having caught an arrow in the leg, fought it out with a dozen armed guardsmen and came out victorious, slipping over the outer wall of Nijo Castle and into the darkness.
  • Savage Worlds fantasy game. The party meets Fyzel, a goblin who fancies himself the spymaster of the city of Shale. After he reveals that he knows the party found a temple underneath the city that is linked to a snake cult and he wants to work together with them, the party is intrigued and decides to set up a meeting later to trade notes.

    PC dwarf names Scar: "Yes, let us meet again soon. We're staying at the..."

    Fyzel: "I know."

    Scar smiles and nods.

    (As the GM, I just couldn't resist.)
  • Playing an Archipelago II hack in full-on Shakespearean tragedy mode - the dead lover, the King dying slowly from poison, the headstrong princess who renounces her nobility and runs off into the swamp, the scheming witch who is lover to the King and his rival both, and the rival, who is a treacherous malcontent. The game was full of meddling ancestors and evil magic, extremely awesome. My favorite part was a bit of color we all built on throughout the game - the kingdom was built atop the ruins of the dwarves, who had been defeated in an epic war culminating in genocide. The King's badge of office was a coat made from dwarf-skin.
  • Posted By: Jason MorningstarMy favorite part was a bit of color we all built on throughout the game - the kingdom was built atop the ruins of the dwarves, who had been defeated in an epic war culminating in genocide. The King's badge of office was a coat made from dwarf-skin.
    Wow! Horrible.
  • Burning Wheel Viking Ireland, the final session.

    All campaign long, my angry young rabble-rouser Gabhran has been conspiring with the Wise Woman Moira, keeper of the Old Ways, to "throw off the oppressive yoke of the invaders, and their strange foreign ways." I thought we were on the same page, until the Imbolc festival where I'd planned to incite the people to rise up once and for all, and storm the Viking Keep. In comes Moira, with a shroomtastic "Hero's Brew" for the warriors to drink, and a sack thickly dripping red. She makes a speech about tonight being a time for heroes, declares that the time has come to go forth and slay the storm and massacre the Abbey!

    She empties her sack and it contains the head and hands of the Abbot, slain as an Imbolc Sacrifice! The people are confused, and Gabhran's aghast. He rallies his wits and makes a speech that respects Moira's spiritual position (he NEEDS that legitimacy!) but stresses the need to send the Norsemen packing FIRST! A hot roll and some Artha later, and Gabhran's got 6 successes toward having all the able-bodied men storm the castle!

    Their people on the inside open the gates to them, and the mob begins to rush in--just as Matt's PC Nuallan, Irish Prince who wants peace with the Norse, arrives with a company of Vikings. He calls out to them to stop, making the case that bloodshed is unnecessary: a Gaelic boy, adopted by the Norse, can ascend to the Chieftancy and satisfy both groups. But Nuallan's got to beat my 6 Let It Ride successes to deter the crowd.

    After a pile of Artha and a Trait reroll it comes down to a single die rerolled from a Fate Point for his final needed success...and comes up 1. As the mob decries him and advances, Nuallan rushes out in front of them, and is trampled to death! Gabrhan cries out, not wanting Nuallan dead--but if he wants to reign the mob in now, then he needs to overcome the 6 Let It Ride successes! There is nothing for him to do but surge forward with the tide of his "army," slaying and weeping in a frenzy.

  • Fiasco last night, testing out a new playset, we had fun with flashbacks and time jumps around an Object: The corpse of a German prisoner of war. It showed up in this order:

    1. Stuffed in a sack, being wheeled into a freezer in the camp dairy plant*.
    3. In the bottom of an anonymous hole somewhere on base.
    2. Alive, sweeping the infirmary and meeting his lover, an American nurse (played by Ian)
    4. Being discovered by the guys digging a new latrine.

    *Quote of the evening: "Is there an ice cream grinder?"
  • After a four month break, we played a second session of our Three Musketeers game using DitV.

    The musketeers had to rescue the troublesome daughter of the King's Mapmaker by sneaking into the Convent Saint-Pierre, which houses nuns so bad, it's on an island.

    Two of them dressed up in habits to sneak inside, causing much mayhem as the daughter was being "protected" by the Cardinals Guard.

    We called it Nuns Like it Hot.
  • Last week in our Deluge game we tried using A Dirty World for the core system. Partly this has become interesting to me to see how different rules create different games with the same setting. Frankly it blew me away -- I didn't know I had a post-apocalyptic noir game in me. This little bit of commentary illustrates what I really love about this game:
    BJM: Charity’s rolls is a Vigorous Courage — basically if Nemo fails, she notices and punches him in the mouth. She fails and again takes a shift increasing her Wrath. Grr grr. Pretty soon she is going to be more effective punching the weak than in fair fisticuffs. As a player, I KNOW I am going to use whatever is most effective to get what I want.
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