Presentation tool: Prezi

edited December 2009 in Story Games
One of my colleagues who is as fed up with PowerPoint as I am just made me aware of Prezi, an online presentation tool that looks pretty, dare I say it, awesome.

A presentation is basically a giant map/storyboard/mindmap that users can zoom in and out of. I'm sure it could be useful for something game design-wise or other. It is also possible to create a presentation path guiding viewers through the "map".

Let's hear what it might be useful for.



  • wow! that looks pretty good!
  • Brilliant! This could offer the next hot tool for play instruction. If you had a couple of play sheets, a few charts and so on, all laid out on the Prezi space, you could describe the flow of play in a game by flicking from area to area, illustrating examples with a voice over, and so on. Very exciting.
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