Modern Day Monster busting

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Wondering what other games would complete a list for the above.

Ghostbusters RPG and InSpectres are the only two that pop to mind immediately. Maybe Hunter: the Vigil/Reckoning?

What else is there?


  • There's Esoterrorists.

  • There's Call of Cthulhu and its black spawn, of course. In particular, you will want want to check out Delta Green, which is the finest supplement ever published for any game. Delta Green:Countdown is the finest supplement to a supplement, and you might want to track that down too. Oh, and DG: Eyes Only is sweet. Monster-hunting is definitely a supported mode of play.

    People say Afraid - a hack of DitV for monster hunting - is broken, but I don't know if I believe them. I want to try it myself. Maybe you will, too.
  • Quincunx is my take on the genre. Reality TV show monster hunting in the vein of COPS or Dog the Bounty Hunter meets True Blood or Supernatural. Corporate sponsored vigilantes bring supernatural villains to justice while dealing with the issues of fame, religious tolerance and simply surviving a crazy world with their morals intact....all being followed by a ninja camera crew.

    It ran reasonably well at Gencon Oz last year, but needs some more tweaks before it's really ready. It's one of my current works in progress.

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    I've played that sort of game using Beyond the Supernatural and/or Nightspawn back in the day.

    I'm not actually recommending either game but you did say "complete list" right?
  • Complete "A" list actually but that can be included. Nightspawn (oops nightbane) can be run with human operatives in an upside down world. It's one of the things they mentioned if my memory serves.

    Kudos for Delta Green. I remember when I first got internet access is 19(9muffle muffle) and found delta green as a fledgling website back then. I saved scores of HTML pages but lost them all in a terrible reformatting without backup accident and subsequently forgot what it was that I downloaded. I have been trying to remember for years and I believe that Delta Green is precisely what I lost.
  • Well, i asume Buffy (Angel too?) and Supernatural should qualify.

    The D20 Modern core book had a setting in this vein too, Shadow Chasers. (I've always thought the mini-settings were the best part of D20 Modern stuff, apart from some cool illustrations and graphic design).
  • Conspiracy X
    Scared Stiff
    GURPS Horror, Cabal, Cthulhupunk
    Lost Souls
  • Monster busting ? Look no farther than Dread : First Book of Pandemonium

    Can you picture Marv from Sin City gutting a demon that feeds on abused children teeth ?

    If yes go get this game.
  • Although it's not a system, it's perhaps worth mentioning The Book Of Unremitting Horror. It's a Monster Manual of modern and genuinely frightening monsters.

    I am slightly biased, because I have written products for the company that publishes it. But, after reading that book, I was genuinely anxious about walking around a dark house.

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