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I just noticed that the forum software doesn't display a poster's total post count.

That's *fantastic*!

Man, if you change anything, don't change this, please please please.

-Rob D.


  • Whee~ My 100th post!

    But yeah I agree. I was going to make a comment about how I've always been intimidated (whether I should have been or not) at the Forge with my low post count, but I'm pretty sure that everyone has felt it at some point in time (if they were going to feel it in the first place).

    By the by, I've posted 1/6th of my post count at EnWorld in 1/36th of the time. I love love love this place.
  • Much with the ditto. No post counts, please. Me no like, either.
  • But without post counts, how can I tell who is a newb and thus apply bogus moral leverage to tell them to STFU?
  • Heh. You can find it if you dig, but yeah, no cocks exposed at Teh Storie Gamez yo!!!
  • Cocks disturb the Zen?
  • Cock-fighting, perhaps.
  • Rocking with cocks out == Happy Buddha.

    "STFU NOOB Take the back seat to The 1,000,000 Posted Poster" == "You break my record. Now I break you. Like I break your friend."

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    Rocking with cocks out == Happy Buddha

    I just think that y'all should know that I have a strict cock-in policy when it comes to rocking out.



  • Ah, young student, you cannot fill the pitcher that is already full, nor can you cocksmith the cock that is already finished.
  • I'm responding to this thread just to get my post count up.
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