Tom Gauld is a source of inspiration

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terrors.jpgAnd I would love to see someone do a game with him as the artist.


  • That looks pretty awesome. I especially like how big some of those things are compared to our hero. Looks like it'd be quite the battle.
  • How can he be so awesome and yet be British?
    It's confusing, really.
  • And here's the map for that game. (I'm on a Tom Gauld reading binge right now...)

  • This one's very Indie-RPG, I think. (OK, I'll stop posting these now.)

  • Someone put this in the stuff to watch thread, and I absolutely want to play an oracle game based on it.
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    Joel Priddy adopted a similarly minimalist art style for The Preposterous Adventures of IronHide Tom, which is quite possibly my favorite comic ever.
  • Tom Gauld is brilliant. You can get his stuff here but it tends to sell out quickly.

    I love his one of how to choose something to worship but it's no longer on his site.
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    I bookmarked this off his flickr. "Vern's All Nite Tattoo 'n' Pizza" will probably make an appearance in one of my games, soon.

    The "What to Worship" is #3 under "Guardian Letters" on his site.
  • I own a copy of his Guardians of the Kingdom comic, about two guys manning a far-flung watchtower. It's great, especially the bit where they forget which side of the wall is their's and which is the enemy's! It'd make for a fun (if sedate) rpg.
  • Posted By: BenhimselfThe "What to Worship" is #3 under "Guardian Letters" on his site.

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    So, I want to make it clear up front that I love this Tom Gauld stuff and think it's very cool and I'm only adding this for background, but, if you didn't know the reference, these images are done in the style of Ed Emberley (Ed's home page , Ed on Wikipedia), who is an illustrator of childrens' books, and published many books with his step-by-step method teaching kids to draw. These books, especially Make a World, but others as well, were some of my favorite things when I was growing up.


    Of course, Ed Emberley's belief in publishing these books was that anybody could learn to draw, so, again, while I think the Tom Gauld stuff is rad, I would say that if you want to have illustrations like these in your game book, you should get some Ed Emberley stuff as reference and do your own illustrations.
  • Thanks for the link and info, Jaroslav.

    I'm not too proud to post another:

  • I love those Ed Embry books.
  • Yes, thanks John, I already ordered four books on amazon, damn you ! ^^
  • Not to derail too much, but this makes me think of a whole new look for White Wolf...
  • Hm.
    You know "Monty Cook's World of Darkness"?

    Well, now I want to play "Ed Emberley's World of Darkness". Seriously, I think a WoD game where everything was described in the manner of children's cartoon books would be chillingly awesome.
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