Using House of the Blooded die mechanic in SotC

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So I love Spirit of the Century , and FATE in general. But, as my game runs on realize that I really do not care much for the die rolling mechanic. It always seems to hinder more than it helps, and well, I like to roll more dice.

So here is my idea taken from Houses of the Blooded (another game based off of SotC). Let me know what some of you think about it being used in SotC.

* Roll 1d6 + a number of additional d6 equal to your skill
* Aspects give +2 Dice, if you do not have an appropriate Aspect you may still spend FATE for +1d.
* Set aside the number of dice you want to roll and how many you want to wager.
* Unless the roll is contested you are always shooting for a Target Number(TN) of 10.
* Wagers are your measure of Success or narration control.
* Success is determines as follows:
*If you win the roll, ie beating TN 10 and the total of your opponents roll (if contested), you receive a number of successes equal to your Wagers +1.
* If you you beat TN 10, but do not beat your opponents total, you receive half your Wagers rounded down.
* If you do not beat TN 10you lose your wagers.

* Wagers can be spent on Damage, or effect.
* Wagers can also be Banked. Any additional wagers you have me be set aside as additional dice to add to your pool later on in a given scene. But, Banked Wagers should be reset when moving to the next scene.


  • If there's an element of having to beat the opponent's roll, the wager system won't work anywhere near as well as in HitB (assuming it works there - i haven't played).
    In HotB, there's a pressure: how many wagers do I want? Which comes down to, "do I want to drop myself to 4 dice and almost guarantee success, drop myself to 3dice, and make it 50:50, or drop it to 2 dice and *almost* guarantee failure"

    With this tweak, you are measing your skill against an opponent whose level you may not know, and once you do, you still can't rely on both of you getting a specific narrow range, so I predict there'll be a pressure to go for as few wagers as possible, to the extent you end up just rolling nearly your full dice all the time. What happens if someone rolls their full dice? Do they get 1 wager or none?
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    You would only have 1 wager if you win the roll or beat TN 10. Though rolls will not often be contested.

    Also, while I was only a player in the game, and GM could have been wrong, this is was the system of HotB exactly. Except for where you get your die pools.
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