Need a new Game, is it Chronica Feudalis?

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I've just started reading Sword Song, book 4 of the Saxon Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell. I am tearing through it, as I have all of this series--and about every historical novel about vikings and/or saxons I come across.

I really want to game this setting and am looking at options.

Here's a wishlist:
  1. Rules Lite, can summarize it on a single sheet
  2. No levels or classes
  3. mechanical Player Narrative Control
  4. Not much hacking to fit the setting: Anglo-Saxon England
  5. Supports "gritty" play (as opposed to a cinematic style).
  6. Supports/rewards campaign play
I'd love to take a look at Thy Vernal Chieftains by Paul Czege or Beowulf by Joshua A.C. Newman, but both seem unavailable.

The Card of Fate system (from Beat to Quarters and Duty and Honour) is my current sweetheart and does mechanically what I want, but damn that would take a lot of hacking for the setting.

Any suggestions?


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