One Cool Thing from RinCon '09


  • Neat!

    How many people attended RinCon?

    Looks like there is a strong gaming presence in Tucson!
  • I don't think I realized until just now how many people I cornered and made talk into the camera. I love this tradition.

  • Srsly, you got a lot of people to talk, Paul! RinCon looks great.
  • I don't know if the Mantis Guy or the Wil Wheaton bits are better...
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    Posted By: jenskotHow many people attended RinCon?
    Our rough numbers put the number of paid attendees in the 485-500 range. This does not count staff, exhibitors, guests, comped tickets, kids on Sunday, or last hour attendees. Once the box office closed (around one or two on Sunday), we just let people in to check out the show. This was in the last three hours of the show and our full day Sunday tickets were just five bucks for adults, free for kids. Total number of people there over the course of the weekend was probably in the 525 to 600 range.

    The previous year, when we only had full convention passes, our paid attendance was around 225. This year we were expecting 350 and hoping for 450. We ran out of program books and day pass badges around 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon and had to run out and create more. That's probably what I should have said in the video. Although Sea Dracula was pretty f'ing cool.

    The other cool thing I should have mentioned was that Ryan Macklin came down to Tucson for the convention. Ryan wasn't a guest of the con, nor does he live anywhere near Tucson. I think you're up in Portland, right? Like 1500 miles away Portland? I saw Paul talking to someone with a badge holder that had a MASTER PLAN business card in it and I was all, "That's not Ryan Macklin, is it? What the hell is he doing here?" So that was completely mindblowing. Someone comes to my little game convention all the hellaway from up there and it's a big shot podcaster guy that came down and got a ticket to just hang out for the weekend.

    There were lots of cool things.
  • Ryan Macklin is FROM THE INTERNET
  • This was cool. It was great to see the Pulp Gamer folks. Now I have faces to go with the voices.
    JD, it is great that the coolest thing you saw was someone's first PTA game. Thanks for the encouragement.
    I'm scheduled for my first PTA game at MACE in a couple of weeks. Wish me awesome.
  • Good luck Tom!
  • Posted By: Thomas DRyan wasn't a guest of the con, nor does he live anywhere near Tucson. I think you're up in Portland, right? Like 1500 miles away Portland?
    Heh, it's not 1500 miles cool. I'm from Sacramento, just 900 miles. So, that's only 3/5ths as awesome. :) But thank you, it was a lot of fun to be there. Hopefully in the future we'll get to do more than exchange a few words over the course of the show.

    As far as being drawn to it -- first, at GenCon, Don Dehm told me I should go to RinCon. Then Jess Hartley told me I should go. And then I found out Andrew Hackard, who is a good friend of mine, was going, and that's when I bought plane tickets. Hearing about more guests just kept confirming that I made the right choice.

    RinCon was just great. I've already got a few people in northern California who are thinking about going because of how much I've raved about it, so I'm definitely looking forward to it next year. You guys knocked one out of the park, Thomas.
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