A Story-Games monster manual.

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Or, perhaps, challenge catalog.

Make an entry of an npc that would provide adversity to a specific story game.

I'm gonna try for something where there isn't an npc stat block system first.

Game: Carry
Staff Sergeant Gerry Carlisle
Carlisle is a small weedy guy with a nervous tic that runs the black market around the barracks.
Story hooks: wants money and is willing to take a favor in return, getting short and paranoid and will pay for men to go out in his place, messing with someone else's girl.
Traits: social chameleon, shifty, math wiz.


  • Game : Ganakagok
    Qupqugiaq - The 8 legged polar bear
    Qupqugiaq is a immense bear with 8 legs. He mainly wants to hibernate in his cave and sleep through the coming of the dawn.
    Story Hooks: Will befriend a warrior or child he sees a reflection of himself in. Will endeavor to eat most anyone else.
    Traits: Huge, scary, tragic, fated to fade with the dawn, hungry
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    Game: In A Wicked Age

    Baryamin - lower lord of the Minas lineage

    Action: 12/8
    Maneuvering: 10/6
    Self-Defense: 6/4

    Best interests:
    Control the governess of his children by controlling the safety of the governess's daughter.
    Have the devil of the stillborn child he had with his governess excorsied without much fuss.

    Baryamin makes a habit of seducing the younger female servants of his house and then discarding them after pregnancy or other acts of defiance. The children of these unions have been stillborn, by report.

    Baryamin requires absolute silence to sleep and
    demands quiet at all hours in his expansive mansion. He maintains a vicelike grip on his household, keeping his lessers in line with object lessons in discipline. He considers making an offending servant punish another, blameless servant one of his most effective tools.

    His dress is both very expensive and strikingly severe. He always presents himself well-pressed and dignified.
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    Game: Storming the Wizard's Tower

    Ninja of the Poison Fist

    The Poison Fist are classic ninja mooks. They attack in groups, say "Kii-yaa!" a lot, die dramatically, and wear the whole old-school ninja outfit. They also have a secret and terrible poison fist attack that leaves the victim weakened, ashen-faced, and prone to muttered cries for vengeance.

    Elements Flesh & shadow
    XV 3
    Combat dice 5 white, 2 red
    Weakness: Will only fight while their master lives.
    Damage 3 boxes

    Kind of tough: +1 damage box
    Treacherous sword attack: +2 red dice
    Throwing stars: +2 red dice, ranged attack
    Poisonous fist: Unarmed attacks marks endurance damage directly.
    Stealth: Before joining battle, everyone has to make a perception roll. For any player who falls short of 3 hits, each hit short gives the ninja +2 red dice against that player, in action, in the first round of battle only.
  • Game: Lacuna pt.1
    HP: Mohan Krishna

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    Furhternsa infornmandgcttiotnn msapendingsjgnmsksjapending sstatstaiscic isistiisi on nnnnntheheytrn linhensjskauejene d mjejiSjaiajNdkald jjdjjdjaiiejYjnmnDkka.llmEm.,.,.,.kkiwujsmR.

    Control Out.
  • Game: Mouse Guard

    Lake Sturgeon


    The lake sturgeon is a huge, ancient fish. It's rarely seen, except by a few fisher-mice who tell of it's enormous size. They can grow as old as 100 years, and some have known the territories before the Guard was established. Sturgeon prefer shallow lakes and rivers, where they feed upon crayfish, insect larvae, worms, and other small fish. They do not have teeth, using their elongated, spade-like snout to stir up the sand and silt on the beds of rivers and lakes while feeding. This non-bony fish weirdly has no scales but is covered with five rows of bone-like plates on its back, sides, and stomach.

    Because of it's extremely old age, lake sturgeon do not spawn until almost a third into it's life. Some lake-dwelling mice track individual sturgeon's life cycles to take advantage of this time when their eggs or roe can be harvested. Lake sturgeon for the most part are unseen and do not interact with mice. Some don't believe that they exist, and very few have ever tasted their delicacies.

    Lake Sturgeon Nature 9
    Swimming, Bottom-feeding, Evading, Jumping

    Lake Sturgeon Weapons
    Bone-Like Plates-- +2D to Defend.

    Special note:
    Lake Sturgeon are on Natural Order Scale at the same level as the Wolf, Wolverine, and Deer.
  • This is such a fantastic idea, Ogre. So fantastic that I just went and registered storychallenges.org. Once my FTP access clears and DNS is updated, I'll figure out the best way to host this junk (probably a wiki) and open it up so people can use it.

    If noone objects, I'll copy the stuff already in this thread over.
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    Jesse, that is awesome.

    Sage, that is also awesome. Yes, please.
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    DNS is registered and propagating (so you'll be able to see it soon-ish). MediaWiki is installing.

    storychallenges.org is almost live...

    Edit: I'm seeing DNS updated. Your experience may vary, but try http://storychallenges.org.
  • Game: Ganakagok
    The Inuqulligaurat are dwarves that wander the ice. They are small, dirty, and capable of working powerful magic. The Inuqulligaurat are accustomed to getting whatever they want, and they revel in pushing the Nitu around. Those who resist them are sometimes magically transformed into small animals that the dwarves hunt and eat at messenger feasts the poor victim's relatives are forced to attend.

    Story hooks: An Inuqulligaurat has fallen in love with someone's wife. A band of the dwarves are the only conduit between the Nitu and some other important being, but their price is very high. An Inuqulligaurat couple arrive to reclaim their child - one of the player characters. An Inuqulligaurat is offended through some error in protocol, or a simple mistake, and insists on a magical contest to soothe his honor. A dwarf from a neighboring village claims to be an Inuqulligaurat but is in fact a desperate and sympathetic charlatan.
  • Wow, this is the first thread that's actually made me want to play Ganakagok.
  • Glad to see everyone running with the idea.

    Here's another one from my Lacuna files:

    Game: Lacuna pt. 1

    Mythography Ω
    : Omega handles “Black” level information, and regularly delivers [CLASSIFIED] reports to deep-blue level personnel, especially those on the track for promotion to special agent. Omega has one purpose, which is to answer the question “Who is female dream character Omega and what does she want?” which refers to “The girl”, first located in the “PRISON EXPERIMENTS”. Intimately connected is “The Lacuna”, a deep fissure in the “sea” of thought, a mnemonic black-hole and the “cure” for Hostile Personalities. Information has come into contact with {CLASSIFED} that such a thing doesn’t even exist- IN THE FUCKING TRADITIONAL SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Operations control seems to think they know something here…….yesssss////…..they sure do… they have no idea NONE>! They just want to have something to playu their gamemmss with… THEY THINKS THEW SONGSA RE MEANIGN llelslallelsssssssssslesssllelslses HEH HEH HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA!!!?!???!?!?! THE STATIC WILL BRING DELIVERANCE!>>>>>

    [FURTHER INFORMATION TERMINATED!] Agent [CLASSIFIED] of Mythography Ω was [CLASSIFIED] after writing the previous report. Control would like to state that any in-mission communications from Mythography Ω should be disregarded and reported to control immediately- they are NOT cleared for field communications under ANY circumstances, even [CLASSIFIED].
  • Jesse, I'm totally using your giant fish the next time I run Mouse Guard. Lake Michigan here we come.
  • The Story Game Challenge Collection is live.

    (I copied the entries from this thread over. If you didn't want that to happen, please tell me and I'll delete it (or you can do it yourself - it is a wiki))
  • Posted By: Jonathan WaltonJesse, I'm totally using your giant fish the next time I run Mouse Guard. Lake Michigan here we come.
    Sweet. let us know how it turns out!
  • Oh my.

    Abulafia has a cute little baby sister!
  • I've never played or read Lacuna, but those monsters make me want to.
  • I'm going to post something out of the Polaris book, actually. If no one minds.

    Etzlitotec, the Princess of Spring

    Description: Clad in the skins of the people she has slain, wielding a knife of burning obsidian, Etzlitotec is a great princess among the demons, the first to emerge from the mistake come springtime, slaughterer of ten thousand people, all victims of her fecund savagery. Plants and flowers sprout behind her as she walks, and while her masks are capable of deception, her true face is always curled into a scream of terrible agony. She has lived in secret among the people from time to time, and in that time has come to know you, just as you have come to know her. Once, you swore that you would rid the ice of her corruption, but as you hunt her, you have come to understand her. And, perhaps, she has also come to understand you. In your darkest dreams, you fear that she is the only one.

    How it aids and hinders you: You are fighting Etzlitotec, you are tracking her schemes, you are talking to her, she is assisting you, or tempting you.
  • Game: no game in particular
    Captain Ahab
    A man with one real leg and one wooden leg. His life long obsession with the white whale drives him and his crew mad, but for the right price he will take you where you want to do, unfortunately you run the risk of a white whale spotting. His eye sight is not what it used to be when he was a young whale obsessed man, so many whales, waves, dolphins, small land masses, look like white whales to him. You may want to get somewhere and you probably will someday, or at least find adventure in the random places that the white whale leads him.
  • Posted By: BWAI've never played or read Lacuna, but those monsters make me want to.
    Thanks! I have about 30 pages of classified documents, mission reports, and similar write-ups I did for my Lacuna campaign- if I get around toit I might end up putting most of it up on the index at some point.
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