[Happy birthday, Robot!] ... never came back again.

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We played HBR over on the Swedish RPG boards Rollspel.nu as a play by forum game.

Signup and rules discussions

Actual play

Translated transcript of the game

-- Round 1

Robot vaknar och ser molnen och träden men väntar.
Robot wakes up and sees the clouds and trees but waits.

"Vad världen är vacker" tänker Robot och räknar antalet köksfläktar i den förfallna fabrikslokalen.
"How beautiful the world is" Robot thinks and counts the kitchenfans in the decayed factory building.

Då kom en stor, förkyld och rostig, men glad, stegosaurus dansande.
Then a big, sick (with a cold) and rusty, but happy, stegosaurus came dancing.

Stegosaurus trampade nästan på Robot, puh, Robot tittade uppåt med vidvinkelförundrade bildsensorer och såg en tidsmaskin.
Stegosaurus almost stepped on Robot, puh, Robot looked up with wide angle wonderous vision sensors and saw a time machine.

-- Round 2

Robot undrade vad stegosaurusen tyckte de kunde göra tillsammans idag.
Robot asked what the stegosaurus thought they should do together today.

"Låt oss åka tidsmaskin tillsammans, och besöka istiden, Robot!", sade stegosaurusen.
"Let's take the time machine together, and visit the ice age, Robot!", said the stegosaurus.

"Det kan vi göra" sa robot glatt, och stegosaurus startade tidsmaskinen.
"Let's do that" said robot happily, and stegosaurus started the time machine.

Robot och stegosaurus dök genom vortexen och landade på en gata, men robot missade marken.
Robot and stegosaurus dove through the vortex and landed on a street, but robot missed the ground.

-- Endgame

"Vilket fint kylskåp" sa robot och tittade runt på den glittriga, ljusrosa snön.
"What a pretty refrigerator" said robot and looked at the glittering, light pink snow.

"Istiden är kall!" huttrade stegosaurus och såg sig om.
"The ice age is cold!" shivered stegosaurus and looked about.

"Vill du tillbaka?" / "Nej, men värm mig!"
"Do you want to go back?" / "No, but warm me!"

Robot och Stegosaurus kom aldrig tillbaka igen.
Robot and Stegosaurus never came back again.

IMO the story turned out.. well... not very cool. The social interaction around a table was lost in the forum game. This, of course, could have been expected. I thought that a game so focused around the artifacts of play would lend itself well to PbF. Lession learnt.


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    Thanks for testing it out! This is really good information to know. I think part of what may have made the game less fun is that it took so long to finish the story. Most games last about 30 minutes, but yours lasted 30 days. :P

    I wonder if there could be a way to remove the coins for forum play? Perhaps using the timestamp listed in the previous player's post as a random number?
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