[Stabbing Contest] episode 28: Nicotine Girls with joel Shempert and Mickey Schulz

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Joel, Mickey and I talk about Nicotine Girls by Paul Czege and emotional exploration in play.



  • Just finished listening to it, and enjoyed it quite a bit. Two comments:
      Y'know, what struck me most is how you clearly all loved the characters and the NPCs. (It's obvious from the way he describes her that Ogre really loved his character.) For a while I was having lots of experiences with indie games that I felt good about creatively, but not so many where I also just really loved the characters. So I'm kind of tuned in lately to looking for it in other people's games.

      And can I ask how it was determined that the boyfriend's family would obstruct the character at the funeral? And did it lead to a die roll?
  • That was me. :)

    Ogre had called for "Death of Boyfriend" from the Adversity list, and described the incident, the boyfriend and a buddy dying in a car wreck. Then I think he framed the next scene as Taylor attending the funeral, and I was like, "the two boys' fathers are at the funeral home door and won't let you in." I believe the always-classic "haven't you done enough?" was tossed around (Taylor had talked Mike into the crazy escapade that got him killed.)

    Then hell YEAH there was a die roll; Ogre rolled Fear and Cry and Taylor completely broke down; one father softened and led her in to a seat all by herself, weeping and inconsolable. It was a totally devastating scene. The fact that Taylor was normally a stoic, slightly exasperated snarker made the waterworks all the more powerful.

    Incidentally, that reminds me of another example of counterpointal (MUSICNERD "contrapuntal," actually /MUSICNERD) moods in play--the use of humor (we referenced Christopher Guest as a touchstone) served, not only as relief from the grim or tragic scenes, but as an intensifier--Mike and his vapid punk buddies were so engaging and likable in their bumbling, humorous scenes that when they were killed/crippled it was an even better twist of the knife. Especially since the circumstances of their accident grew directly out of their comedy escapades.

    I learned a LOT about use of tone and mood in roleplaying from this game.

    Anyway, thanks Ogre, for posting that, and thanks for having me! it was a blast to record, and a very valuable reflection on the game. I think I come off a bit shrill and/or giddy on the recording; I was definitely on a podcast high. :) But the discussion turned out great. (For those interested, I've written rather a bit about the game on both my blog and the Forge.)

  • It was an awesome game and a really good conversation.

    Anytime you want to come onto my show and chat, let me know, Paul.

    Also, Joel, you'll definitely be on my list for future shows.
  • Sweet! Thanks, Ogre!
  • If it assuages your guilt, Joel, I didn't feel any more emotionally vulnerable in this game than when I was playing, say, 3:16. Well, 'cept for that one scene, anyway...
  • We'd better watch our backs. Michael still has the negatives on that one. ;)
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    I've listened to a few minutes and ...

    Maybe it's the porn icebreaker in the beginning, but I could have sworn I heard you say:

    "I know you wanted to talk about naked teen girls."
    "Oh yes!"
    "Cause we had ... we had quite an experience playing naked teen girls."
    "Yeah, I think we were all kinda terrified to do it but ... we did anyway."

    I expect I will be having a blast listening to the rest of the episode.

    EDIT: Oh god. "Naked teen girls is a roleplaying game about lower-income girls looking for happiness."

    I can't stop it!
  • Ok, that is powerful funny. Powerful!
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    Posted By: JohnstoneIf it assuages your guilt, Joel, I didn't feel any more emotionally vulnerable in this game than when I was playing, say, 3:16. Well, 'cept for thatonescene, anyway...
    Y'know, Johnstone, thinking about it it strikes me that this was a perfect stance from which to play "the bitch." There was no question of whether we should sympathize with Janine, not for one itty bitty moment. In fact, her poor poet-wannabe boyfriend who she milked for all it's worth and tossed in the gutter when he was spent, was the true sympathetic character in her arc. Pathetic yes, but you hadda feel for the guy.

  • Heheheh :) "Naked teen girls"!
  • Posted By: Simon Pettersson"Naked teen girls is a roleplaying game about lower-income girls looking for happiness."
    Posted By: Matthijs"Naked teen girls"!

    There went the thread.
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