I need alternative terms for Introverted and Extroverted

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For this game I'm designing, I will be using Jung's Psychological Types as a basis for character design.

The setting is a modern semi-realistic one, where people has to deal with the paranormal and the social pressure to "fit in". A study about "crazy" as a social label for those feared and misunderstood.

I associated the basic Functions with the classical elements in this way:

> Sensation - Earth
> Intuition - Air
> Thinking - Water
> Feeling - Fire

Now, I want some terms for Introverted and Extroverted. I want them to be somewhat metaphoric, evocative and interesting, yet understandable to a degree if possible. I could simply go with those words, but I'd rather use some other ones.

The definitions I will be using for the terms are:

Intraverted - Someone focused inwards. He who prioritizes what he thinks, feels, experiences... Someone who prefers to be alone most of the time. Someone with a knack for introspection.

Extraverted - Someone focused outwards. He who prioritizes what other people think, feel, experience... Someone who prefers to be with a lot of people most of the time. Someone with a knack for empathy.

What would you suggest?


  • You could borrow some elements from Eastern systems:
    Introverted: Wood (think of quiet forests), or maybe Bamboo.
    Extroverted: Metal (think gongs, steel drums and steel guitar)
  • Peter beat me to it--Wood and Metal.

    But just so I can throw out some other options:
    Introverted v Extroverted
    Mouse v Lion (anthropomorphic)
    Flora v Fauna (locomotive)
    Coy v Brash (behavioral)
    Cold/Cool v Hot/Heat (thinking in terms of how each element could be "modified")

    ...and I'm spent. Tough one!
  • There are other interesting definitions of the Introversion/Extroversion scales in Myers-Briggs personality typing. For example, the scale can describe where a person draws energy (introverts draw energy from quiet alone time, where extroverts draw energy from interactions). My favorite definition describes extroverts as people who gather information by probing, and introverts as people who gather information by observing.

    I don't have any great ideas for elements though. Sorry.
  • Wood/Metal sound evocative and "deep". Cold/Hot sound very fitting and immediate. Nice!

    Adam, thanks. I had forgotten about the energy thing. I should include it somehow in the rules and explanations. :D

    More options would be even better, so keep them coming, folks!
  • I would second wood metal, as your already set up with the elements.
  • I think it would help to understand how the In/Ex relates to the Functions: orthogonal/unrelated, as modifiers/qualifiers, or what?

    If they're unrelated "stats" or similar, then something nounal will be favored (i.e. they are 'things'). If they are qualifiers, then something adjectival or verbal (they are 'modes' or 'methods').
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    Let me try to unpack this a little bit.

    Each character has several "traits". This traits relate to different ways of facing conflicts (as in "trough perceiving, adapting, manipulating, resisting or presence"). At chargen the players pick a starting "archetype" among 8 different possibilities, which are obtained by choosing a function (sensation, intuition, thinking and feeling) and an attitude (introverted, extroverted). That should reflect the character's personality and type.

    During play those traits would change (by paranormal means), with the corresponding changes in the character's behavior.

    The idea is that the player can take a look at what his trait is now and know how would he be expected to react.

    As in "Ok, now my 'manipulation' trait is Introverted-Sensitive. If I were to try to manipulate someone, this is how I'd do it appropriately."

    There would be an explanation about the ways, styles and characteristics of each type, but I'd rather call them evocative and metaphorical terms than the "psychological accurate" ones.

    So yeah, like modifiers...
  • Expansive/Contractive are often paired with Yang/Yin and those correspond with Extroverted/Introverted.

    Warm/Cool also have similar associations. If you go with metal and wood--wood has a very yang sense about it: the growth and expansion of plants in spring, metal is cooler, and yin and contracting in its associations. Though you may simply want to make your own associations here.
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    Fission: Introverted people change themselves through internal analysis fueled by observation.

    Fusion: Extroverted people change themselves through communal identification fueled by networking.
  • Grasp, and Reach
    Process, and Collect
    Powered, and Charged

  • Ocean -- hidden depths, mysterious, all the life is beneath the surface (introspective and introverted)
    Mountain -- readily visible, a landmark, towering above all else (outgoing and extroverted)
  • Ooo, nice one, AFT. That's got my vote.

    Hmmm.... but there's a pretty tight one-to-one correlation between Ocean and Water, and Mountain and Earth. Could confuse (could be a feature!).
    Innie and outie. :D
  • (Just for the record, the game is going to be - at least initially - in Spanish. ^_^ So word plays can be fun, but for my purposes would be a little less helpful. Not pointing any finger in here, just clarifying.)
  • Hi,
    I just want to point out that, in many occult philosophies, air is associated with thinking and water with intuition -- which is switched from what you've got.

    I know that if I played, I'd be confused at first about this, and I'd keep screwing it up several times before it finally clicked. Anyone who is a Tarot reader would likely have the same problem.

    Of course, us occult nuts are a minority in general (although I don't know how common we are in gaming; probably moreso than in general). I just thought I'd bring it to your attention.
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    Posted By: David ArtmanHmmm.... but there's a pretty tight one-to-one correlation between Ocean and Water, and Mountain and Earth. Could confuse (could be a feature!).
    Good point. Root (introverted) and Leaf or Flower (extroverted), maybe? All people are trees, but not all of them grow the same way.
  • Root and Bloom is VERY good, too. IMHO.
  • How did you get to those elemental associations? My instincts would have been
    Sensation - Fire
    Intuition - Earth
    Thinking - Air
    Feeling - Water
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