Generic Fantasy Twosie?

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My girlfriend has recently become absolutely obsessed with Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King, a downloadable game for the Nintendo Wii. It's sort of like a simplified version of The Sims with a generic fantasy gloss. You're a child-king who goes around building houses (which contain adventurers), while commissioning your existing adventurers to retrieve more minerals to build yet more houses. But, as a responsible king, you never go on adventures yourself.

So at a few points she remarked that she wanted to be one of the adventurers and was mad the game wouldn't let her play one.

AHA! Gaming opportunity!

What I'm looking for is a pretty generic fantasy (elves, dwarves, goblins) game that handles lunkhead teenage adventurers trying to rebuild their kingdom following a disaster, which is generally lighthearted in approach, and can focus both on Adventuring Stuff, and Town Soap Opera stuff. Ideally, suited for two players.

Some close contenders:
* Mouse Guard - the idea of young adventurers contending with elements and the hardships of travel, in addition to others. But I can't see it working well as a twosie, and I don't want to re-skin for human kids.

* Shadow of Yesterday - the World of Near's nation of Maldor would work pretty well with just a few minor tweaks. But I'm not sure how rewarding SOY is with just one player.

* Trollbabe - not generic enough. I respect the game's color too much to change it.

* Old-Timey D&D - awesome, but not enough mechanical support for Town Soap Opera stuff.

any other good options?


  • I'd use Storming the Wizard's Tower or maybe Best Friends.

  • What about Beast Hunters, James?

  • How about Clinton's DITV hack, The Princes' Kingdom?
  • I respect the game's color too much to change it.


  • What's the current status of "Storming the Wizard's Tower"? I grabbed the draft PDF maybe 6-9 months ago, but haven't checked in on later developments. Would it suffer over-much from having one player?

    Graham, I know nothing about Beast Hunters - it's one of those games that gets mentioned occasionally but never enough for me to really figure out what's going on. Does it do Town Soap Opera nonsense?
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    Posted By: HohoI respect the game's color too much to change it.


    Trollbabe is like 110% unadulterated mid-70's daydreamer fantasy, which has been pretty much exterminated in American pop culture. Using Trollbabe to do Tolkien would be if The Muppet Show became Disney properties: on paper there's nothing wrong with it but it makes me feel sad.
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    Well, it's got social challenges. And, as I remember, it rewards alternating physical, social and mental challenges. So it could do Town Soap Opera.

    But it's specifically designed for two players, which many games aren't, so I think it might be a pretty good option.

  • Hey James, you can always go simple with The Simplest Little RPG Ever.
  • This is crying out for Storming the Wizard's Tower. You want adventure, plus the town? It's what Storming is for! Also: vast piles of dice. More dice is more fun!
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