Reconnecting after GenCon

I met people at GenCon! It was awesome! I even remember some of your names. Well, first names, maybe. Not last names, and certainly not Story Games handles.

If we met at GenCon, pipe up and say hi. Other people, feel free to do the same thing I'm doing here in this thread.

I was the skinny bald dude running games at Games on Demand. I ran My Life with Master, Shock:, and demos of Carry, Annalise, and Misspent Youth. There's a pic of me in my user icon on my livejournal. Email me at adamdray at the gmail thing! Say hi!


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    Great idea Adam.

    I was around Games on Demand for most of the con. I ran Mouse Guard, Houses of the Blooded, FATE (Cthulu/Horror Hack), and others. I was the sandy-grey haired guy with the tallish teenage son.

    I played the 'psychologist' in the Mercy, Burning Empires game. I played Slavering Swift (low wolf of the pack) and my son played the Lieutenant in the Poisonous Ambition game Luke ran at the Embassy Suites. I played a lost orphan and my son played a crazy lab assistant in a late night Zombie Cinema game at the Embassy Suites also. Good times!

    Hope to see all of you again soon.
  • Thanks to Games on Demand, I ran Don't Rest Your Head and Mutant City Blues having never played them before. I also ran Grey Ranks for Indie Games Explosion. All of them were fantastic. It was great to finally meet so many people I had only known through Story Games before.

    I took advantage of my GoD table-sitting time to read My Life with Master, the Shab Al-Hiri Roach and In A Wicked Age.

    I didn't have a laptop with me, so I caught a couple of episodes of "This Just in from GenCon" live over at the Westin. Never saw "Save Point", though.

    I put some more non-Story Game comments over at my blog.

  • Adam, I'm not sure we even talked, but I was hanging out at the other table watching people play Kagematsu while you were playing My Life With Master at the Embassy Suites on, I think, Thursday night. (I'm not actually a tall, fat, goateed, ponytailed guy in a T-shirt and sandals, I just had a *stunningly* realistic Comic Shop Guy costume on.) I remember hearing something about a minion going out to seduce a priest?... and some discussion of a game of MLWM so disturbing that "we don't talk about it?" something like that. Anyway, cheers.
  • Hi, Ed!

    Yeah, I don't like to talk about that MLwM game of three years past. But yes, in this game, Niki's minion had to seduce a priest.
  • I was at Pirate Jenny! I'm shortish with blondish curly hair and glasses. I played a lot of stuff, but especially Misery Bubblegum and pimped Thou Art But A Warrior a lot. I have a blog ( and also, my email is my name (anna.kreider) (at) (gmail).

    Specifically, I was interviewed by some people who interviewed me for a podcast and I didn't write the name of the podcast down and I had convention brain since it was Sunday and all I can remember is that they were two guys who played in a demo where Faruq killed the head Palace Guard Lamech with a knife to the throat and it was totally metal.

    I'm sad that I met too many awesome people to retain all the names. I did try.
  • My wife and daughter love the Pirate Jenny T shirt (they're fighting over who gets to keep it and who gets to borrow it). I bought the last one at the con.
  • I was in Adam's carry game that veered towards Tropic Thunder, as well as the Saturday night Mountain Witch game.

    I was also one of those idiots who decided to make a playable game out of the stuff Paul threw out during the design seminar with Luke and Jared. We played it, it kind of works. I'll be posting a copy sometime.
  • Hey Adam,

    Thanks for doing the 3 demos in 2 hours That was awesome, Carry, Annalise and MMY. 3 great games that sent me straight to the dealers hall!
    Kevin ran IAWA for us which totally blew my mind (I'm the dreaded one in Robert's pics)

  • I played the troll in Poisonous Ambition, and played in the Don't Rest Your Head and Mutant City Blues games that Grant ran at Games on Demand.

    It was my first year staying on site, and the scene at the Embassy Suites was very cool. Played Kagematsu and Misery Bubblegum there.

    Going back to lurking..
  • Hey, Jahmal! You were awesome! I'll bet you don't live anywhere near Baltimore, so it'll be at least a year till I get to game with you again. Curses!
  • Posted By: ldd23I played the troll in Poisonous Ambition
    Hey man,
    I was the low wolf on the totem pole for most of the game, Slavering Swift. You were great. Hope to see you again next year.

  • What is Poisonous Ambition?
  • Poisonous Ambition was a playtest of a large scale (25 or so person) Orc clan scenario based on Burning Wheel. No dice, just factions, beliefs, and traits. A lot of fun but the rules are still in a rough stage. I have no idea when or if it's slated for wider release. I just played in it so better answers would required Luke or someone else on the inside of the Burning Wheel crew.
  • Posted By: wundergeekSpecifically, I was interviewed by some people who interviewed me for a podcast and I didn't write the name of the podcast down and I had convention brain since it was Sunday and all I can remember is that they were two guys who played in a demo where Faruq killed the head Palace Guard Lamech with a knife to the throat and it was totally metal.
    It was This just in, from Gen Con. There are some show notes on Ogre Cave. I listened to it last night whilst trying to remember how to sleep.

    I met all sorts of people at GC, from the indie and the pro crowd, although these days, there's a fair amount of crossover. Kudos in particular to Grant who ran Mutant City Blues. I wandered over to the game a few times hoping to have a word but everyone seemed really into it and I didn't want to interrupt.

    I wonder if anyone here caught one of my Trail of Cthulhu demos?
  • I think I just met Adam Dray in passing myself when he stopped by the Forge booth, but my friends Olli and Sami apparently were greatly impressed by him - head and shoulders above the crowd in terms of game knowledge and gaming technique, or something like that. As the convention wore on, they spent more and more time at GoD with him.
  • Steve: I wasn't quite THAT out of it. I should have specified that it was ANOTHER podcast that wasn't This Just In From GenCon being run by two guys. One of them was short with a funky beard and long red hair. The other one was tall with short hair...

    Oh well.

    Eero: I too am sad that I did not get to game with Adam Dray. Curse you Dray!
  • Eero, yes, it was in passing but we actually met last year, but it was also in passing! You talked to me about Solar System. =)

    I'm flattered that Olli and Sami liked me. They are cool people. Sami played in my two-hour Carry demo and browsed through my Verge playtest manuscript. I don't think I got to game with Olli though.

    Anna, have we ever gamed together? I mean, other than Ticket to Ride? An RPG? I don't think we have! We need to fix that.
  • I ran into Adam briefly at the Embassy on *mumble* evening, and I remember being mildly tickled when I introduced him to my buddy Drey.

    "Drey, Adam. Adam, Drey."

    I am very easily amused.
  • I, too, was amused. Being easily amused beats the alternative.
  • I, too, was in Adam's 3 games in 2 hours demo, which was great fun and prompted me to give running Misspent Youth a try. I was also in Kevin's In a Wicked Age demo Saturday afternoon (I played the ghost). And I was The Black Destroyer in the Poisonous Ambitions game. Oh, and the Anvil Lord in Luke's Friday night BE game.

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