looking and learning the bbc code

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HI Simon.

Im. Kat Miller, and Ive been running this game at conventions for many years now.

Having read you post I'm guessing that the "How to Ink it" in the conflict chapter is part of the problem. You've quoted from page 66.

"How to Ink it: When inking your panels, remember that you can include anything that your character is doing to prevail in the conflict, but cannot include how that affects your opponent. Feel free to describe how your mighty power blasts melt through steel girders before you turn and target your opponent, but stop there. Don't describe them hitting him, and don't describe them hurting him. His response to your panel will incorporate those things"
Problem here is, the villain is constantly getting attacked and beaten up before her attacks land. Like this:

Player 1: I kick her!
GM: She says "ouch!" She lunges at you!
Player 2: I kick her!
GM: She says "ouch again!" Now she lunges at YOU!
Player 1: I kick her!

See what's happening? The villain's attack is not complete until the response has been made by the player. But when it's the player's turn to respond, the villain has had to defend herself from (or, more often, been beaten up by) the other hero. So the attack has effectively been broken already, in the fiction, but not in the mechanics. This has the unfortunate effect of the villain never landing a single blow.
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