[Spectre of the Beast] Read it? Played it? Want to?

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Hi, folks! I realize it's Gencon soon (like, SUPER-DUPER soon), and everyone's pretty little heads will be filled with fanciful visions of new and amazing things. I also know that some people out there have purchased my game-in-playtest, Spectre of the Beast. (<--available for two bucks in PDF on RPGNow, <i>or whisper me for a $5 print copy by mail--1 buck shipping.)

If any of you fine Spectre-buyers have read it yet--I'd love to hear about it! If you've even played it, I'd DOUBLE-Love to hear about it! And if you also count yourself among this year's merry GenCon band, I'd be super-grateful if you'd jot down a couple thoughts before your brain is lulled by whatever this year's "Chombie" is.

If anyone NEW is interested in Spectre (it's a game about the role of bloodshed in civilization's progress; you play pivotal ambitious people in a made-up history and your ends and means have reverberating consequences), the means to get it is above you. That'd be awesome! Here's a play report from Go Play NW where I dissect the game's processes a bit (that thread also exists on Storygames, but I tightened it up for a Forge posting).

And if you haven't yet read Spectre, let me know when you do! (<--note the optimism!) If you're off to the con and haven't read it yet, then please just remember me fondly when you come down from the Gencon high.

Spectre of the Beast is waiting.

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